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Q&A: Adding value with Site Services Manager, Ian Brown

Site Services Manager stands in front of the Chernobyl New Safe Confinement building

Flamgard Calidair has been supplying specialist dampers and high-integrity HVAC equipment to numerous sectors across the globe for more than 40 years, and for over 10 of those years, Site ...

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Zero leakage where it counts – Flamgard’s CID-01 Damper

CID-01 zero leakage isolating damper on a red brackground

With over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, Flamgard has developed high-integrity dampers for specific applications across numerous sectors. The CID-01 Zero Leakage ...

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Delving into ventilation for the tunnelling sector

A hallway in tunnelling

Driven by falling costs and advancements in technology, the tunnelling sector is growing rapidly. Around the world, increasingly ambitious underground projects are being commissioned, engineered and completed – and when ...

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Recognising Flamgard’s quality management systems through ISO 9001

A man in Flamgard uniform examines a metal damper

For over 40 years, Flamgard Calidair has been designing and manufacturing high-integrity HVAC solutions for sectors including nuclear, oil and gas, tunnelling and beyond. These sectors have stringent health and ...

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Stepping up ventilation standards for underground travel

A tube station on the London Underground

Underground and enclosed environments pose unique health and safety challenges, especially when it comes to ventilation. Where tunnels are used for travel, it is crucial that exhaust gases are efficiently ...

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Stepping up safety standards – Flamgard’s ISO 45001 success

Workers on a workshop floor

Flamgard Calidair’s high-integrity HVAC equipment supports the health and safety of operating staff all around the world – even those working in some of the most hostile environments on the ...

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