Our Community

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At Flamgard Calidair we constantly seek to develop our socially responsible and environmentally sustainable achievements – and it’s through close community engagement that we aim to achieve these ambitions.

We believe our core responsibilities are to the communities we serve, our customers and staff and the areas in which we work. These beliefs are demonstrated by our dedication to safe working practises – ensuring the wellbeing of our staff, other contractors and the public – and in our considerate working practises.

We minimise the creation of waste through effective planning, precise design and quality management while ensuring projects are completed in the most efficient manner possible. We also recycle materials to help the environment and reduce cost, savings that directly affect our community and our customers. In addition, our high integrity dampers are inherently designed to protect built environments and the people within them.

We actively support international and national charities, sponsoring local environmental improvements and local team sports.