Flamgard Calidair features in the latest issue of Wales Business Insider magazine

Flamgard Calidair featured in an article published by Wales Business Insider magazine, describing the current state of exporting goods from the UK to the countries of the European Union now when Brexit has taken effect. Shuresh Maran, Flamgard’s Business Development Director, sheds light on the situation from Flamgard’s point of view by stating that despite

Tunnel dampers the right fit for energy efficiency

Flamgard Calidair’s tunnel dampers are manufactured to 1mm increments, tailored to fit the design and energy-efficiency challenges posed by any tunnel system. There are plenty of reasons tunnel dampers can become a point of compromise in the airflow strategy of tunnel construction, often relating to the size of the desired damper in relation to the

Fire Dampers for Marine, Offshore and Onshore Applications poster is now available!

Flamgard Calidair and Halton Marine have created a poster that compares the key specifications of Flamgard Calidair and Halton Marine fire dampers, designed for marine, offshore and onshore applications. The poster is divided into two parts: Fire dampers for marine and offshore applications (includes the following dampers: FDB2, FDO, FDL, FDA, FDH, CFD-01) Fire dampers

What is an explosion or blast? What is a purpose of blast dampers?

Explosion is considered as an event, where energy is released in an extreme manner and followed by rapid increase in volume. There are different types of explosions, but usually two types are linked especially to industrial environment: Chemical and Mechanical Explosions. In some cases, these explosions can follow each other. Blast or shock wave will

Exploring petrochemical opportunities with Flamgard Calidair

The importance of the petrochemical industry can hardly be overstated. Petrochemical products are essential for the creation of countless consumer goods, not to mention medicines, agricultural products and much more besides. While the sector does not anticipate radical changes over the new few years, a shift towards more sustainable processes is undoubtedly on the horizon.

Breaking new ground in tunnelling and infrastructure

The tunnelling sector has been on an upward trajectory over the past few years, with new innovations and falling costs making tunnelled projects both more viable and more effective. Developments in the tunnelling sector have also been driven by the need for significant infrastructural improvements in our cities. In the United Kingdom, research shows that

Securing high-integrity HVAC contracts for Hinkley Point C

The United Kingdom is undergoing a generational shift towards sustainable energy, and nuclear power is a key part of this new strategy due to its low-carbon energy production. Hinkley Point C is the first nuclear power station to be built in the UK for over 20 years, and is the flagship development for the new

Striving towards net-zero objectives in the nuclear sector

Flamgard Calidair has a wealth of experience in designing and supplying high-integrity damper solutions for the nuclear industry, and has recently become even more involved in the development of new nuclear supply chains for Britain. In this blog, we’re going to explore the importance of nuclear power in relation to net-zero objectives and sustainability –

Flamgard Calidair & Halton Marine: a strong partnership for heavy industry

Halton Group, a global technology leader in indoor air solutions, recently became the majority shareholder in Flamgard Calidair in an acquisition which will see the two companies share experience and expertise in order to address key global challenges more effectively. Flamgard Calidair is now strategically aligned with Halton Marine, a division of Halton Group which