A World First?

System maintenance is an essential part of ensuring continuity and quality of performance – crucial in operations where fire safety is concerned. And with maintenance naturally comes operational downtime… which inevitably comes at a cost.

But what if there was a significantly reduced need for maintenance?

That’s what we’ve been striving hard to achieve at Flamgard. With investment in product development and continued research to deliver the very best performing dampers on the market, we believe we’ve achieved what is quite possibly a world first in performance… one million continuous cycles with zero maintenance required.

Witness history in the making in this video where you’ll see that the only stoppage time was for the replacement of an actuator and solenoid to complete the test.

Commenting on this huge achievement, Steve Edwards MBE, Flamgard Managing Director, said: “We are extremely proud and confident in our products’ capabilities, which are allied to the great skill of our employees who manufacture repeatable and dependable products for all our market sectors – ensuring a lifetime or trouble-free operation.”


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