Airtight dampers keep corrosive gases clear

Airtight dampers supplied to Eskene rail facility

Eskene West Rail Facility
Client – Agip and Renco

The Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan is exploiting deposits of oil and sulphur from beneath the Caspian Sea. Once the oil reaches land, the Eskene west rail facility will act as a key transport node in preparing, storing and shipping oil and sulphur by rail from the site. Due to the corrosive and harmful nature of sulphurous gases, air handling equipment is required to ensure a safe environment for occupants inside the buildings.

Flamgard was required to deliver fire dampers, shut off dampers and moisture eliminators for the buildings on the site, with ultra low leakage performance due to the presence of the sulphur vapour locally. To cope with the extremely low winter temperatures experienced at the site, all equipment also had to be fitted with trace heating elements.

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