Insulated components beat Arctic conditions

Energy exploration off Sakhalin Island

Sakhalin Island
Client – Gazprom

Sakhalin is Russia’s largest island, off the country’s east coast. Exploration of the island’s rich oil and gas reserves is under way, via two contracts, Sakhalin 1 and Sakhalin II allowing exploration off the island’s northeast coast. While international energy companies were heavily involved in the early days, more recently Russian energy giant Gazprom has become more directly responsible for growing production of oil and gas. Activities in the region are made more challenging due to the long, hard winters.

Flamgard was requested to design, manufacture and supply high pressure fire shut off dampers and general ventilation dampers within the production facilities being installed as oil and gas production increases. In order to cope with the cold conditions experienced seasonally in the area, the equipment was developed with specially insulated blades, and needed to meet GOSTR Russian certification standards, ensuring adequate operation down to temperatures as low as minus 54 degrees centigrade.

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