Research drives product development

Flamgard has reinforced its in-house research and development expertise by establishing a new R&D lab at the company’s head office.

Headed by technical manager Tim Cook and R&D engineer Jeremy Smith, the facility will enable Flamgard to execute specific tests to prove airflow, pressure drop and other performance measurements in practice, using a dedicated test rig.

“Customers are asking us more and more for pressure drop tests,” explained Jeremy, “and the ten metre long rig will allow us to provide bespoke testing.” Technical performance data across a range of parameters will be available in future, to support engineers designing complex air handling and safety systems.

The team will establish new, improved solutions to common damper and air handling issues. Computational flow analysis is among techniques being employed to analyse fluid flow.

The team is also developing new products, to ensure the Flamgard range remains at the forefront of high quality damper performance. New developments include composite dampers, a new fire damper that will resist fire temperatures of up to 1,000 deg C, and specific products to suit high performance requirements in the nuclear industry.

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