Safety first for wind farm power convertor


Dolwin Alpha
Client – ABB

The growth in the business of renewable energy means increasingly large scale installations. And to deliver the electricity generated by the new fields of wind turbines in the North Sea, supporting infrastructure on a massive scale is needed. Dolwin Alpha is a transformer station that will take supplies from the Dolwin offshore cluster, and convert it into transportable electricity as high voltage direct current, for use on the mainland. It has a capacity of 800 MW and weighs 11,000 tonnes.

Due to the offshore location of the facility, a number of unique challenges were set on the project. Flamgard designed, manufactured and installed electrically actuated fire dampers, and a full heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) fire control system. The all-electrical system is believed to be a world first, while the installation was tested to especially high standards, taking account of the remote operation.

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