Zero leakage where it counts – Flamgard’s CID-01 Damper

CID-01 zero leakage isolating damper on a red brackground

With over 40 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, Flamgard has developed high-integrity dampers for specific applications across numerous sectors.

The CID-01 Zero Leakage Isolating Damper is one such solution, and has been designed for applications in which total isolation of the airstream an absolute safety requirement. Meeting stringent shut-off requirements, the CID-01 damper lends peace of mind by ensuring comprehensive isolation performance and is backed up by Flamgard’s company-wide quality and health and safety management accreditations.

The CID-01 damper is suitable for use in sectors including:



  • Delivers reliable shielding of irradiated air, enabling secure ventilation within new-build nuclear developments which must meet strict safety standards.
  • The CID-01 damper performs in irradiated environments, with decontamination considerations accounted for.
  • It is seismically resistant, and will continue to operate during and after tremors.



  • Suitable for hospitals, laboratories and pharmaceutical applications which require absolute particle containment.
  • Total isolation of contaminated airstreams makes for safe environments for staff and patients.
  • The CID-01 damper also enables the segregation of testing environments in laboratories.



  • Effective ventilation of toxic or otherwise dangerous gases, guaranteeing safe working conditions.
  • Helps to regulate environmental contaminants, and reduce the emission of atmospheric pollutants.
  • Where hermetically sealed environments are necessary, the CID-01 damper ensures that no particulates enter the workspace.


To see more information about the CID-01 damper and to download its datasheet, simply visit the product page:

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