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High integrity blast dampers are used to protect occupants and equipment of a structure against overpressures resultant of an explosion. Blast dampers normally protect air inlets and exhaust penetrations in an otherwise hardened structure. Blast dampers are related or identical to blast valves, the latter name is generally used to describe blast mitigation devices as they relate to nuclear explosions.

Pressure dampers are used to control pressure levels in adjacent zones/areas. They are selected and installed to maintain a higher pressure than surrounding areas to prevent the ingress of hazardous gases. They are typically used in escape routes – fire fighting stairwells etc. – to assist in safe escape and to help the authorities deal with the emergency.

Backdraft dampers are used to prevent recirculation of ventilation air. Particularly useful as a low
cost solution to prevent air recirculation through an idle standby fan of a duty and standby ventilation fan configuration.

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