Isolation & Retention Dampers


Flamgard Calidair isolation dampers are designed to provide shut-off through closed blades and in certain cases through the damper casing, even when subjected to high pressures in ventilation systems. In critical areas, for example certain areas of nuclear power plants, offshore temporary refuges (TRs), oil and gas refineries, global government buildings, naval and military installations and populated areas subject to the threat of attack, Flamgard Calidair can offer a “Zero Leakage Total Isolation Damper”. This damper is capable of providing certified zero leakage through the blades and damper casing for pressures up to 50,000Pa.


Casings are made from 3mm sheet steel, and feed a maximum duct size of 600x300mm. Gas retention units larger than 1275mm are supplied in multiple units.


The range of isolation dampers incorporate various shut-off capabilities complying with EN 1751, NORSOK standards and other worldwide leakage criteria.


document detailing isolation damper rangeIsolation & Retention Dampers Range Overview