High Efficiency Louvres & Moisture Eliminator Systems

The Flamgard Calidair range of high efficiency louvres, moisture and salt eliminators are primarily purpose built assemblies, for the individual needs of the customer.

The units are installed in global Offshore/Onshore Oil & Gas Platforms and Refineries, Naval and Commercial Vessels, Nuclear Power Stations, and Building Intakes. They protect capital equipment against the harmful ingress of salt water, dust, stand and other solid contaminants.

Depending on the level of protection required, Coalescer and bag filters are also selected for the appropriate duty and fitted to custom built housings.

Sensing equipment can be incorporated: for example, magnehelic gauges, or differential pressure switches to highlight when coalesce panels or bag filters require cleaning or changing.

Salt Eliminator System

Suitable for fresh air ventilation or gas turbine intakes, Flamgard Calidair Salt Eliminator Systems comprise high Efficiency Louvres operating in conjunction with an appropriate filter/coalescer media. In offshore, marine or coastal environments salt is present in saline solution, solid particulate and aerosol forms. An intake louvre protects the filter/coalescer from excessive water loading, removing 95% of water droplets larger than 30 micron and at least 40% of those 30 micron and below.

The filter/ coalescer will trap the solid particulate according to the efficiency of the filter media and coalesce remaining aerosols and water droplets to a size greater than 30 micron for collection by a second louvre positioned at the outlet.

High Efficiency Louvres

The Flamgard-Calidair high efficiency Weather Louvre products are designed to remove water or other liquid from the air/gas flow passing through them. Suitable for ventilation system
intakes where higher water removal rates can be achieved than with the use of conventional louvres.

The type ‘HL’ heavy duty louvres can deal with any spray conditions, rain storm or wind borne sea spray, or flame boom cooling sprays etc. in conjunction with air velocities of 6m/sec.

The triple deflection vertical louvre vanes are designed and arranged to achieve effective separation and drainage of entrained water droplets from the passing ventilation air to the stated efficiencies.