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Additional Services

Offshore surveys
Our team of fully accredited specialists are capable of visiting offshore oil platforms, marine and shipping installations to carry out survey testing work and advise on installations and suitable products.

Mounting frames
Flamgard Calidair has the engineering expertise in-house to design and manufacture supporting structures to hold dampers and associated assemblies, as necessary.

Age testing
We can advise on and provide accelerated testing to provide an assurance of durability in specific harsh environments.

Structural certification
Should any Flamgard Calidair component require to operate as a structural component within an assembly, we can deliver certification to provide an assurance that it will provide the necessary rigidity.

NDT weld testing
Where required, Flamgard Calidair can carry out non destructive testing of welded components, to provide complete assurance of structural integrity.

Seismic testing
For installations in regions with an earthquake risk, Flamgard Calidair is able to provide seismic testing of products prior to delivery and installation.

Pressure drop and leakage testing
Many Flamgard Calidair components are already certified to specific leakage and pressure drop performance specifications. For installations requiring particularly strict performance criteria, additional testing can be provided.

Noise testing
Should an installation be required in a noise sensitive environment, Flamgard Calidair is able to carry out noise testing to assess in-use noise levels and profiles.

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