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Blast Dampers


Flamgard Calidair’s blast dampers are designed to prevent blast forces entering ventilation duct systems or a wide range of installations where a blast could result in loss of life and/or equipment or material. They are rigidly constructed and fully welded for this purpose and comprises of two sections: a dynamic debris catcher directs the blast onto the blade pack. This consequently closes under blast pressure, isolating the blast force and preventing blast damage or loss. The blade open position is adjusted and held by a ‘blast break’ mechanism, ensuring safety and reliability of the system.


Individual units are supplied in sizes up to 1500mm square, with multiple units assembled together in a matrix to cover larger areas as required. Standard units are constructed in 304 or 316 stainless steel.


The Flamgard Calidair blast damper has been independently blast performance tested and is certified by SIRA to 04ATEX9322 for ATEX Group II Category 2 G/D use by SIRA.