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Pressure Relief & Non Return Dampers


Flamgard Calidair’s pressure relief and backdraft damper(non return damper) products are identical dampers, each can be fitted with an adjustable spring or counterweight system to suit the individual application of each product.

Pressure relief dampers can be used for over-pressure situations or in the dynamic control of air pressure within a space or room. Backdraft dampers are used to prevent recirculation of ventilation air. Particularly useful as a low cost solution to prevent air recirculation through an idle standby fan of a duty and standby ventilation fan configuration. Both styles of this improved damper design can provide low leakage performance on return airflow.


Individual units are supplied in sizes up to 1000mm square, with multiple units assembled together in a matrix to cover larger areas as required. Circular dampers are available in sizes up to 500mm diam, and are suitable for systems where space is restricted. Standard units are constructed in 304 or 316 stainless steel, however it is possible to manufacture in mild steel, galvanised steel or other materials as required.


All Flamgard Calidair products have been tested using industry standard procedures. Individual product performance is presented in graphic form on product data sheets.