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Tunnel Dampers


Flamgard Calidair’s tunnel dampers are rigidly designed and are used to regulate the airflow in transit tunnels. They ensure that the air that is circulating through the tunnel is safe for passenger transit, without excessive build up of exhaust gases. In normal conditions, tunnel dampers control the volumetric air flow in a transit tunnel.

In emergency fire conditions, it is essential that the dampers are there not only for ventilation, but to regulate the fire and the associated smoke and hot gases. Fires in tunnels generate severe smoke which, if not reliably ventilated, could cause those in the tunnel to suffer the life-threatening effects of smoke inhalation. Tunnel dampers can be used in emergency conditions to operate to extract these toxic fumes and smoke away from the critical area as well as providing a fire barrier when closed.


Individual units are supplied in sizes up to 1275mm square, with multiple units assembled together in a matrix to cover larger areas as required. Units are constructed as required in 304 or 316 stainless steel, galvanised mild steel or other materials to suit the client’s specific needs.


Dampers in this range have been tested for operation in temperatures of 400 deg C for 2 hours.