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Weather Louvres & Moisture Eliminators


Flamgard Calidair standard fixed blade weather louvres and chevron weather louvres afford basic protection for ventilation intakes from weather penetration where airflow velocities are less than 5m/sec through the louvre. The horizontal weather blades are inclined at 45° and have a downturned lip at the leading edge and an upturned lip at the trailing edge. A blade pack of this configuration causes vortices in the airflow which separate out the water droplets and cause them to adhere to the blade surface and drain off. Weather louvres can also incorporate bird mesh screens or weather doors depending on customer requirements.


Individual units are supplied in sizes up to 2000mm square, with multiple units assembled together in a matrix to cover larger areas as required. Standard units are constructed in 304 or 316 stainless steel, however it is possible to manufacture in mild steel, galvanised steel or other materials as required.


The louvres have been independently performance tested by BSRIA in accordance with the HEVAC standard weather louvre tests.

Watch a video of our moisture eliminator being tested here.