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Going underground…

The design and construction of tunnels and underground infrastructure is now clearly emerging across the globe as the key to sustainable development as nations wrestle with the demand of growing and increasingly urbanised populations. As such, expertise and innovation in the tunnelling sector is increasingly in demand to enable governments to find cost efficient and appropriate solutions for mass transportation, flood control, storage and power and water supply infrastructure.

However, the unifying global tunnelling challenge remains rooted in the continued shortage of engineering skills and tunnelling resources. This means that, year in year out, an ever-increasing array of innovative techniques must be made available to clients to ensure that underground construction is increasingly possible at lower cost and risk, but with improved safety and greater efficiency.

Dampers are key elements in the preservation of life in road and rail tunnels with Flamgard Calidair leading in the design and manufacture of products for main ventilation, under platform exhaust, fire, smoke, fan shut off and bypass. With products fire tested to internationally recognised standards coupled with high temperature operation, low leakage and pressure drop and accommodating pressure differentials of up to 6 Kpa, we have the ability to help engineers achieve safety those seeking to go underground.

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