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Fire testing, high temperature testing, fatigue testing, blast testing, damper and component cycle testing and all independently certified with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) ratings. This intensive testing regime ensures Flamgard Calidair remain leaders within the HVAC ihigh integrity damper technology area.

The following is a list of Flamgard Calidair certification and testing:

  • Tested to BS 476 Pt. 20 for 4 hours and cycle tested for 400°C when required
  • Tested to IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 3 and IMO FTCP part 3 (IMO Res A754(18)) (A Rated)
  • Tested to BSEN 1363-2:1999 Hydrocarbon Fire time/Temperature IMO 2010 FTP Code, resolution MSC.307(88) Annex 1, part 3 (H Rated)
  • Tested to BS EN 1366-2, 1999 for I, E & S (Patents submitted and pending)
  • Where appropriate the above are certified by DNVGL, Lloyds, BV, ABS & GOST
  • All are independently certified with SIL Ratings
  • They are designed to withstand the transient pressures caused by the movement of trains up to 6000Pa
  • Tested also to 10,000pa for Nuclear applications
  • NORSOK ISO:15138 & EN1751 Class 3 and Class B compliant
  • Blast Dampers are Blast Tested (not air tested) and certified by SIRA


Performance testing:

  • ERA Technology Ltd report No. 90-0260 seismic qualification
  • ERA Technology Ltd report No. 90-0150 environmental qualification
  • CTICM report No. 97-V-477 – 400°C for 2 hours elevated temperature test
  • CNPP report No. PN 02 6229 – 600°C for 1 hour elevated temperature test
  • BSRIA – Independent 1000 cycle damper test
  • BSRIA – Independent blade deflection tests